Empty Sky Sacred Songs and Chants

by Kavisha Mazzella

Om Om Bhur Om Bhurvar Tat Savitur Varenyam Bargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yona Pratchodayat
Magnificence 05:33
There is so much magnificence Here beside the ocean Waves are rolling In Waves are rolling in
Make me an instrument of thy peace. Make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Love Swing 04:47
It is time to put up a loveswing Tie your body tie your mind And you will fall into the arms of the secret one you love There is a secret one who lives inside of us The planets the stars and the universe flow through his hands like beads Oh beloved one look inside and see the one Like a diamond in the rising Sun
Om Mane Padme Hum
Gate Gate Paragate parasam gate Bodhi Svaha meaning Gone ,Gone, really gone, to the further shore ! So be it!
Everything is you Everything is Me Makes no difference can you see? Om namo Shivaya
Sweet Divine Love - Lyrics and music © Kavisha Mazzella 2020 Seems the sky was empty when i prayed answering in silence night and day I wandered weeping seeking out a sign sinking ever deeper into sorrows design Oh my love my love my sweet divine love many lifetimes ive been longing for your touch oh my love my love my sweet divine love just to hear your whisper is enough Seems like I've been singing the same song centuries awandering to find where i belong a prisoner of my fears and my beliefs I could not see, I could not feel how close your were to me Planets of the universe sing For the love that's yet to be and the love that's been My breath breaks like a wave upon your shore I hear your voice call me now and forever more
Love Love Love I call your name and in your joy i will remain Amore, Amore, Io chiam' il tuo bel nome Nella tua gioia restero` O bel Amore
Matthew's words to us were the vow we can take to be part of the Order Of The Sacred Earth are " I promise to love and defend mother earth the best way I can " These words inspired the song which came to me in a dream the next day and we sang and danced it at the Common Dreams Coference the next morning! I love you I promise to defend you Mother Earth ,Sacred Earth.
Om Shanti 05:53
Om Shanti


An album of soft accoustic music to spiritually uplift ,calm and centre you in your heart.
Inspired by mystic poetry, mantras and chants from the great wisdom traditions of the world; Buddhist Hindhu Christian,Sufi plus original compositions.Thanks to Osho for his teachings of diverse mystic traditions.These are Holy songs for crazy times.
Recorded from Sept-December 2019
in Dja Dja Wurrung Country,
Malmsbury, Central Victoria,
Dedicated to the memory of Sam Weinstein and Anne Mazzella
Gratitude to Matthew Fox Eco Theologian for inspiration to create The Mother Earth Sacred Earth chant ,Uniting Church Ministers Daryl Colles, Allie Sangster ,yogis Sam and Sydel Weinstien of Home of Yoga for hosting many Empty Sky sessions.and finally,my fellow musicians who played previous Empty Sky Sessions namely John McNair, Mike Burns, Matthew Arnold, Gerard Menzel .Gratitude.


released March 13, 2020

EMPTY SKY Sacred songs and Chants
Kavisha Mazzella with Nic Lyon
Kavisha - Performance ,original compositions and musical arrangements Voice,Nylon String Guitar, MoonDrum and Rattle, Recorder, Mandolin.
Nic Lyon - Bowed Bass, Harp, Glockenspeil
Nic Lyon - Recording Engineer, Mixing
Andy Busittill of Bluemountainsound -mastering.
Joe Malinaggi - Graphic Design
Maurizio Salvati -Portrait Photo
Kavisha Mazzella- Sky Photo
© All songs composed by Kavisha Mazzella 2020 except "Magnificence" ©Peter Makena ,and "Love I call your name" © Jarek Czechowicz
Published by Mazzella Music © 2020
Please respect the creators
All rights reserved 2020


all rights reserved



Kavisha Mazzella Perth, Australia

Kavisha is an Australian Singer songwriter and community choir leader with italian/anglo burmese roots.This informs her interest in cultural restoration through collecting and singing folk songs in the migrant communities who perhaps have forgotten their roots . Kavisha also sees music as a way to meditation and sound healing . Her website can be found at www.kavisha.com ... more

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